The tougher NPC's are a good thing for solo players

I know many a solo complain that to many things are done for PVP. The latest patch seems to be for SOLO/COOP more than anything, and that is a good thing. The side effect is now PVP players will have to deal with “nuisances” a little more, and not just deal with other players. This is the land of exiles…all exiles. for the better part of 9 months, PVP has really been about player exiles. The new patch seems to add some randomness needed to remove some of the heated personal (and i mean hatred towards other gamers) wars that started to occur. I know some will find going solo daunting against some of the new mini-bosses, and upgraded Thralls. Isn’t that what gaming is/was all about? Overcoming that difficult level, after endless amounts of trying and failing. Finding that sense of accomplishment after clearing a level, finding that nirvana of gaming euphoria ? I can play angry birds for quick fixes of time killing, but when it comes to full fledged games, i want challenges that make me concentrate. Instead of treating the unnamed city as a grinding zone, think of it as a level within a game about grinding. A massive dungeon is what it looks to have become. I still have to run it, as i only had 15 minutes at lunch to verify dl and my private server was still operational. But i can’t wait to get home and try the unnamed city, alone or with a few clan mates. I feel like i am 12 years old and Resident Evil just released. I have to play it asap. thanks Funcom for continuing the press forward to my gaming heaven.


Dude the loooot, the piles of amazing loot. A shirt that helps cleanse corruption and a really nice pair of bluejeans can be yours if you kill the right boss. That Night-Watch mask is just amazing, especially if you can do a few laps on the Undead City. Get the two-handed venom-infused scroll, craft the sword and load it up with Reaper poison. Your kick will put a poison DoT on them. So much fun reward to discover, at a significant risk, you are right.


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