The new patch killed the 2v1 PvP and the numbers now have big advantage

I think that after the new patch and the new dodge-roll is impossible now to fight against 2 people and I won’t speak about more. Even if you are a god PvP-er
you cant contest a 2v1 situation if someone uses Claws and the other one a Maul for example. I won’t talk about the Bow and the Arrow dmg. Wearing heavy armor 1300 armor and you die with 2-3 decent shots. You said you balanced the game but now the clan with the most people are winning no matter what.

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Quit the game, not for PVP.

RP game from now on…


Now even joke easy to
Get the base wipe from catapult impossible for smal clan be in pvp. Only bubbel make balance. For smal clan to stay strong. Now that gone. Bug clan Now can spam all die catapult. And wipe eveyrhing easyer this change will even kill more pvp server

True, that’s one of the reason I’m gone of this game. Still hoping to hear a message for a rolback but I can see most of the community here are roleplaygamers so that will be difficult to achieve and demand the devs to take action.

I play with maximum 3 players in a clan, we have 2 clans in the server that has 4 players or more. So it’s done for me at long run so I’m not going to waste my time anymore playing that game, only spend some time for my frustrations here on the forum for a few days and if I don’t see any update from the devs about this or they keep going like this I’ll be completely gone.


Why did you link my topic down here? XD
I don’t really get the connection to this topic :wink:

Hehhe, to point out that after every update the game is messed up for me. It’s like starting alsmost over again. After every update :slight_smile:

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Ah ok. Yeah pretty much. I was lucky last update. I only lost one relic hunter because we were playing on a pretty dead server. Nobody attacked us while the relics were bugged. The one I lost was actually killed by my mate right after the update. He accidentally stabbed him once and he died. The thrall was fully geared though … Godbreaker with bulked platings + sword of crom with master kit … the best equipment you can get your thrall

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