Relic hunters turn into useless perfurmers

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: [Here]

After breaking and placing relic hunterm both fighter and archer they are usable for a time then after logging off for a night they turn into perfurmers with 100 health down from 7500ish the weapons and armor slots are empty and they cannot follow or be moved.
Some could be killed by punching others are now just useless dummies taking up space and preventing other thrall placement, this as happened to 6 so far with a mix of legandary weapons and top tier armor.

Very frustrating. :smiley:


Known bug. PC and xbox have been patched already. The ps4 hotfix got caught in certification limbo and will be bundled with the next patch which will hopefully be available soon™.

@Wonga when the patch hits weapons and armor should be on them keep them alive.

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