The Tower of The Elephant Trophy PS4

Hi there.

Would anybody be so kind and assist me in getting this trophy ? I will obviously help you to get it as well. Should be quick as it can be done in co-op.

If interested please send a message on PSN to Shavv_pl. My time zone is GMT/UTC +2

PS. I’ve even tried pvp server, with high population. Waisted hours of running around and saw only one player running in the distance.

I’ve spent quite some time in this game, but just gave up online at some point, because of bugs that can costs you months of gameplay or updates that changes everything for the worse.
I’ve rather enjoy building in my single player, although even that was ruined by updates that can make a part of your structure loose stability without reason, or just make it impossible to build anything in one random square.
I guess that I just want some sense of closure with that last trophy.


Ofcurce I will. I just don’t understand your time zone. My region is EU. I will send you my psn account in private message!

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UTC+2 during summer months is Central European time, so one hour behind Greece.


Thank you :blush: @Kapoteeni

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Thanks for the response guys. I’ve just got this trophy (and a platinum as well :slight_smile: )
It’s funny that it took just minutes in a co-op :smiley:

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And now its the time to get all siptah trophys. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I am missing linguist :joy:, I still didn’t make this run, every time I play on a server and I am missing a couple languages, I stop playing forgetting that I didn’t finish this quest :person_facepalming:t3:. One day I suppose :wink:


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