The wall cannot be crossed

Hello, I have a problem with some players.
they built a wall which can not be climbed at the starting position in the desert, forcing players to change the server despite the experience and resources
what to do ?
and they don’t respond to friendships on psn messages

Apache Clan Server 3177 ps4

change your server and that they play alone, they will get bored and leave, that wall will be destroyed only with the passage of time

What’s the problem? Change server.
I see it as a strategy by the clan

Actually, if it is blocking entry into the game at noob river, screen shot with the clan name, server #, and DM one of the moderators. This is the one bannable offense i have seen.


yeah If this claim is true then the clan will get banned if you can prove

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Can confirm this post is true. I ran the length of the wall and it stretches from one ghost fence to the other with a band of t3 anti-climb the whole length.

The death respawn point is inside the wall too, so if you die on the other side without a bedroll or a bed, you are trapped.


Yea, this is one of the few areas that actually does apply for FC to step in and moderate. Report it or contact a community manager with the server info and screenshots.

There are instructions in this post, although note that unless you have screenshots or ‘indisputable proof’ they can’t be bothered. And they only may help. No guarantee.


Dumb question, but who are the users that should be DM’s about this?

I would start with @Ignasi.

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I have all that but didn’t include any of it in the original do to @Ignasi I will include that if he replies. Don’t want to spam his inbox with a bunch of screenshots.

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Hey @helium3

We’ve replied to your DM. Thanks for the heads-up and the information provided in that message.
We’re proceeding to close this thread as this issue is resolved.