Block With a Big Wall Newplayer Spawn (Dessert)

Sorry for my bad English but I need to report this problem

I bought the game 4 days ago and I got myself with 3 friends to an official PVP server. On the second day they destroyed my house because they say I am Spanish, on the third day they destroyed my house again (I am lvl 20 and they are a clan of lvl60 and they have houses all over the map), And now on the fourth day they made a giant wall around the desert so that new players can not enter.

Can anyone review this problem? Is it legal?

if you need more information such as images, server and clan information, tell me

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That sucks,they sound like a bunch of jerks.(as long as that’s the whole story) do the walls have spikes so you cant climb? If not you can just climb over.

There are no rules against it. On PVP servers you can destroy it.

tell us please how you should destroy this if there’s no one left on the server besides the owning clan LOL

@Rinu : can you tell us which server you play on?

The main problem here is that they are blocking the start, so any new player cant join and play because there is a big wall that they cant pass. I think that in pvp you can do whatever you want but there also sould be some rules about this, i think thats not legal.

sure you can do whatever you want in pvp, and thats good in a barbaric game, but still there should be helpers built into the game which keeps it in a fair and moreover usable manner…

this server theoretically is totally closed for any new player, cause when you spawn in the desert, you won’t find any way to build jars or anything similar to destroy this stuff

The problem is that I am lvl 20 and I have destroyed my house 3 times, also destroyed my beds, so I respawneo in the desert, I’m without items and a wall that I can jump, but in the future I can not jump the wall because they are making it bigger.

In this PVP server they are the only LVL 60 and they have controlled the entire map.

I have not said the Official Server (ID) Information because I do not know if it’s legal to put it

it’s totally legal , it should be illegal what these people do with the public servers!
I don’t think it’s in funcoms interest to pay a 40 slot server for 5 people at the end cause these 5 people claim it for themselves by abusing stuff.

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ARK suffers the same when a big clan/tribe wish to do as they do.

Perhaps the solution is to set a structure limit per person.

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Does anyone know how and where do I have to contact to report this?

They will get bored after a while with noone to raid or play against. Just find a different server.

Yes! NEVER play official servers :smiley: they get much worse then that…

@Rinu Funcom has stated frequently that Official servers do not have any Admin or moderator support. They will not intervene on any Official server to help players with issues like you are experiencing.

The only immediate solution for you and your friends is to change servers …
On pve-c your buildings can not be destroyed by other players but you can kill and be killed.

If you still want PvP, then I suggest that you have a look at the list of private/dedicated PvP servers that have low ping/FPS and the modifiers listed that appeal to you and have a chat with their players when you first create a character, or have a search for their server names here (or steam, reddit) to find out about them.

Additional to my other post, the only action Funcom seems to want to make is to make “no build” areas, so you could follow the guidelines they provided to explain the location and tell them the server and then they might look at making that particular section a “no build zone” in some future patch.
But this will not help you and your friends enjoy the game right now. And honestly, I think players who want to prevent new players from getting established like you have encountered would just shift their building efforts to just outside that zone and then block there instead.

Are you saying that they’re building a wall side to side from supermeru to the end of the jungle?

Because if I remember correctly you can’t build anything at the desert spawning aera, you can only begin to build by the first river you encounter a bit north of that.

So to block it completely you’d have to build an ultra wide wall. Is that so? Are you 100% you can’t just go around it somewhere?

Can you tell us which server number is it ?

If you’re only level 20, you should maybe consider jumping to a new server.
There’s plenty of servers with fair players and clan, it generaly just takes several attemps to find one.

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Then I lost a week playing to be lvl 60? if they destroy my house and I’m bed I’m screwed to pass the wall without tools.

Give server number.

Funcom may not get involved but you can report it to your online gaming provider. Like me being I play on Xbox I can report that stuff to Xbox live and they will ban the players with a warning. If it’s not removed they will ban the players permanently. It’s against Xbox rules and agreement that you can’t say or do anything in a online game to prevent anyone from experiencing the full content of a game. I believe this can be reported to Microsoft as well.

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This is so ridiculous and happens so many times in different games that i just stoped playing online. Sometimes, if the game worth it i try to play on PVE but even that can’t bring me the same experience i have in solo/offline mode or coop with selected friends. I do play Ark solo mode only. Conan Exiles came with a glitch wich i can’t see partial nudity whyle playing offline so i’m being forced to play on PVE. Sadly it’s a bad thing to me: the game is supposed to be played along a group of players but i do play alone most of the time so the bosses and some biger mobs are almost impossible to me wich means i’m losing the fun. That is a pity! A good game that lacks a real support from its devs…