The well of skelos portal is glitched, I lost 4 silent legion armor

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[So I went to the well of skskel, everything is fine when you go in, I killed the boss and what not, I died in there so I had to bring silent legion after silent legion armor just to recuperate it and I got it back, the problem is going back through the portal, the npc killed me while i was in loading screen TWICE, so I said f it, ill just put on another silent legion and get the loot that’s out side since i teleported, I went to the spot that it said it was and it just decayed in like 10 minutes so i lost a crap ton of good armor, that portal needs to be fixed, as soon as you enter the portal back the npc kills you right away WHILE IN LOADING SCREEN which you cant do anything but watch your body fall. It sucks man.]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.go in the well of skelos in the volcano
2.go back through the portal inside the well of skelos
3.die by 8 npc’s while youre in loading screen
4.get depressed cause you grinned the heck out of those armor just to lose em to a bug.

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It’s not really a bug. It’s just poor design. (Putting enemies near loading point was not a smart decision.)

Your best bet is to bring a thrall with you when teleporting. If you get attacked while in a loading screen, your thrall should attack whatever is attacking you. If they don’t out right kill it then, they should at least draw aggro away from you.

Just don’t bring a bearer, because Funcom hates you. Bearers hit like a wet noodle now, go down like a sack of potatos, and unless you already have a map room stashed in the volcano region somewhere or 50 encumbrance, you’re going to loose most of what they were carrying.

I have died multiple times to Panthers, which I can take out in proper combat without breaking a sweat, when teleporting to the forest region for the same reason.


Hey @Badbloodalex

Welcome to our community and apologies for the frustration.
We’ve sent note to our team to reconsider the placement of some enemies close to portals and teleporters.
Thanks for your feedback.


@Ignasi please tell them that thralls try to cross green wall and die… bad boys, green wall is dangerous!!!

Tell your devs, its the same with obelsik spawn-camping and killing.

Just make people immune to all dmg, after a loading screen, until you do sth!! So when loading is finished!!

Take a thrall with you… He should protect you. But yeah, I also got killed there…

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Really? Where?

I have seen Erii march all around on the opposite side of the green wall, completely unaffected. I was in one area where he couldn’t immediately get to me, and he pathed through the cursed fence to run all the way around to where I was. It startled me when it happened (because I thought he might die), but he lives to tell the tale still. shrug


i can’t tell you where… i will kill you after :slight_smile:

now you try to imagine, put a horizontal elevator parallel to green wall with a great (very great) fall bottom of you, and when you go in the elevator with your back on side the green wall you see “you thrall doesnt follow you because he dies” Ops… but if i see in front of me the green wall the thrall survive :wink:

Or perphaps there are other cause for the thrall die while you are into elevator at half way to get your destination.

So… that might be a combat thrall elevator death. And not necessarily a cursed fence death.

Thralls STILL have difficulty finding a way to leash to you with their teleports near elevators. If you linger on the elevator (or are just unlucky), the thrall will port to you, fall, and take damage. They may end up doing this multiple times throughout the elevator ride.

It might be worth testing with a beater, T1 combat thrall to see if it’s actually the cursed wall, or if it is your horizontal elevator.

Also - you are wise to not share your location with me. :stuck_out_tongue:

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if falling they take damage is posible then he dies by this fall damage… as you say, there arent any place for stand up in all horiz. elevator path.

Was there yesterday (hopefully for a very long time) and Erii was at the entrance… And I only killed 1 guardian at the entrance, as the T4 often dont attack you unless you attack them.

So was pretty confident when jumping into the dungeon (with an Kisthis as my thrall). Made around 400 obsidian and cleared the dungeon 2 times and when I jump back out of it, 2xT3 suddenly hit me and even with a thrall I was down to <30-40% my health… And Erii was still there standing and doing nothing. I dont know where or why that 2nd T3 appeared, but that one nearly killed me even with a thrall (but I only used light armor in the dungeon - already lost 2times my main gear there).

And after I lost my 2nd main gear in the volcano (dungeon itself, not the surroundings) I said to myself: Always go with replacement gear in there. Always go in there and be prepared to lose EVERYTHING!

And sometimes my thrall went through lava… At all the jumping segments to the dungeon boss itself (I think there are 3). One time he “only” had ~5500hp (from 7425).

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