The whole castle has disappeared

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue:Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe
Mods?: No
Edition:Game Pass

Bug Description:

Everything has “fallen” without a clear and obvious reason. I have not built anywhere to bother or where there are spawn areas of anything. I leave you the photos.

Installed Mods:

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Steps to Reproduce:

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Simple, I went home and there was nothing left. I log in every day. I come back and see the slaves flitting.

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@Community could you help out our friend here.

Not everyone understands Zendesk.

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Unfortunately, I don’t think they care. They’ll still ask for a ticket submission. Found here.

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I did the ticket. 1 closed after 30 min. I will wait tomorrow… really sad.

according to my observations. the old players of the server have the advantage of never losing their base even if they connect very very rarely. I had new neighbors who didn’t play every day. after a few days their house is destroyed…

Hi @Tsokuta

Can you please let us know on what server you’ve experienced this issue and when (date) the base disappeared?

We will pass this information over to the rest of the team for further investigation.

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Don’t forget that decay timer doesn’t start at 168 hours right away when you build a new base. For example, when I started to build a secondary fishing base it started with 1 hour decay timer. I’m not sure what the calculation is but it increases with activity.

So if they (your new neighbors) just built it quickly and logged off right away, the activity might’ve not been enough to sufficiently bump up the decay timer.

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so if I build a large base. it will slowly destroy itself?

Not right away. It depends on whether the pieces are/were connected or not. For example if you build a 10x10 base and your activity surrounding this base bumps it up to 168h, then you are fine.

If you build extensions to this 10x10 by attaching these extensions to the original pieces (with ceiling pieces for example) it will usually inherit the 168h decay timer; even if you destroy the connecting pieces afterwards.

If you build further away from 10x10, without connecting it to the original base, it might not inherit the 168h timer but actually start a new one, even though it might be very close (a few foundations away from original 10x10).

It’s always good to check your newly built pieces with a repair hammer, just in case it doesn’t start with the 168h of your main base, to avoid any unforeseen issues. :slightly_smiling_face:

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oh thanks :eyes::+1:

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Uve been reported and wiped clean by admins.

What does your log say, can you translate?

My base was on a flat mountain with nothing. A beautiful castle without bothering anyone, with an Argosian arched bridge, which means it was easily walkable below. I have not closed, blocked, disturbed any passage, spawn area, boss area or area where resources were taken. This morning I read that they banned me from the server. Take a stroll through server 1001, volcano buildings inside the teleportation obelisk. Or in the northwest there is a base so large that I go at 5fps. I have no words for how unfair this is. Congratulations to the admin who deleted the whole castle when maybe the problem was only the bridge. I repeat that the position did not bother anyone or anything, it was not even too big, in my opinion it was also very beautiful aesthetically. Regards.

if they agree to fix your problem consider yourself lucky. people told me they didn’t refund anything. even if it’s a mistake

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