Whole compound vanished in 1 sec

We play on EU 1041, suddenly the whole base and compound just vanished?

Event logg just says lost stability when we check. Played for weeks, almost 24/7. Server bug or hacked???

Funcom id: Ragnar Lothbrok#80626

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Wait until next server restart and see if you are banned. Sounds like dev wipe.

What’s dev wipe?


Server has restared, nothing happened. If the castle brought lagg we could atleast have the chance to rebuilt it.

Spent hundreds of hours on this damn game and in 1 second everything is gone, no warnings, no explanation.

This is so bad, shame on funcom and the admins.

Greetings @Israfil2216 ,

Please follow the stated in the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket:

You can read the full version of the Guidelines here:

Look at it this way, at least your clan didn’t get a time out, did they?

One of our biggest complaints is how funcom does server moderation. It’s one of the biggest thread topics on the forum. Don’t know of too many that are happy with it; one side or the other.

They banned the whole clan, ONE DAY LATER after we started on a new server and began to grind as hell after the big loss. And the ban was cause of the topic here.

Worst admin abuse I’ve seen during my 30 years of playing. On official servers ofcourse, private ones anything might happen ofcourse.

Rented a private server instead of this bullsh1t.

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