The Zero Point Report's Shriekathon 2021!

Hey all! We’re holding a special event to coincide with the spooky holiday season. On October 28th at 8 PM EDT we are holding a tournament competition for Hide and Shriek! Hide and Shriek just passed it’s 5th anniversary, and what better time to come and fill the queues as well as compete in a March Madness style tournament for fun and prizes!

We will be live-streaming the event on The Zero Point Report Twitch Channel while talking and chatting with everyone!

Sign up and event information is available on The Zero Point Report Discord Server, sign up any time before the event starts to be included, with all participants receiving Hide & Shriek cosmetics and the winner receiving a REAL TROPHY as well as bragging rights!

Who knows, you may even end up playing a round with Secret World author Blodwedd Mallory, Community Manager Andy Benditt, or Secret World writer and Amazon’s New World writer Joshua Alan Doetsch.

We’d love it if you could join us, Agents. Keep being the best community out there!