TheForsakenServers- PC PvP Dedicated Server 3xp/2hvst

TheForsakenServer is looking for more players! Say goodbye to G-Portal and experience a better way to play. See below for details!

Type: PVP settings (PVE/RP Still viable here)
Community: Experimental (Always looking to improve)
Settings: 3x XP, 2x Harvest
Server size: Currently set at 40
Tick Rate: 60 (Server FPS)
Rules/Guidelines: Enjoy the game! Please follow the common sense rules of good player conduct. Zero tolerance for exploit/toxic players.
No Intentional Server Wipes

Double XP weekend! From now until Monday, all player XP has doubled! Now is the best time to wash ashore and start catching up to your fellow forsaken. The server needs you!

Our TheForsakenExiles server is currently undergoing extensive development. Please continue to join us on our TheForsakenSiptah server. You can follow our progress in our discord!