There is no reachable location for the purge to setup their base camp

:brazil: bug feedback @Funcom_Community

Existe uma outro forma de resolver todos os problemas e ativar a hecatombe “Purge”

1 Clique para iniciar a “Hecatombe” ou “Purge” (Declarar Riqueza)

2 Confirme

3 Desative todas as portas com fecho automático em seguida abra todas as portas

OBS: deixe apenas o portão da base com a tranca fechada ou automático ao interagir

Esse BUG aontece em todos os modos de jogo inclusive em servidor oficial. @Community A FUNCOM deveria ajustar esse BUG das portas no cofre, também fazer com que uma hecatombe inicie somente para o cofre que foi ativado sem ir para outras bases mesmo estando próximas, já falei sobre esse problema também em um outro post. :relieved:

I suspected this would happen when I built a (dual) castle atop a high plateau with only a couple of elevators to access it. Seems to me an eminently ‘logical’ way to build a fortress – that is, to make it as hard to assault as possible.

While I’m no expert, this is a basic principle of mediaeval castle design, which I have studied some, but I thought maybe this fantasy setting, now with magic, might alter certain aspects, e.g., perhaps attackers can fly or levitate in, even if they don’t know how to conduct a siege. Even so, I wondered if making it this ‘assault proof’ would defeat the AI; seems I was right.

Too bad, but I’m not going to alter my design, much less make it more accessible. Nor will I start experimenting by moving my Treasure coffer around etc., as others have done in this thread (and more power to ya!), mostly because I think, given where I’m at and how the entire plateau is now full of construction, it would be a waste of time, as there would still be nowhere for the Purge to spawn if they’re not going to spawn below.

So, I’ll likely be skipping this Journey step until/unless it’s ‘fixed’. I MIGHT make another base in a presumably more accessible area later, but that’s not high on my priority list.

BTW, I play only SP, so how it works or not in PvP doesn’t matter to me. Presumably players can use magic to assault one another’s bases, which is as it should be, given the setting, and I hoped the AI might be able to as well…

I’m built in the same location but have been getting an error message. After placing foundations underneath every one of my steps (like in your picture) I was able to get the purge to start spawning again.

I’m not seeing a door on that build.

As mentioned before, when the ultra smart purge minions bomb away the foundations on their way to the treasure, they can’t find the path anymore and the purge ends right in between.
Everything despawns and you’re left with a tiny chest of loot where the camp has been. All the effort was for naught, your dead thralls, your broken equipment. Just because the purge only attacks doors.

Funcom should reprogram the AI to primarily attack doors and then, if no door is available in the path, attack other building pieces as well, to create a new path.

Most games work with an age old aggro system where the attackers of NPCs are added to a list and the one who dealt the most damage gets chosen as the primary target of said NPC. Can’t this mechanic be attuned to doors and other building pieces in close proximity?

They do primarily attack doors. My purge base is just a long hallway of doors and rather then break down the 1 wall between them and my loot they take the long way breaking down every door instead. I’m 12 purges in with this particular base and they have never attacked a wall or foundation.

I think I remember the old purge having a restriction against purges south of noob river. Does the coffer purge still have that? It kinda made sense in the old system, but not now that we call in the purges intentionally, it doesn’t. But I’m wondering if they just forgot to take that restriction out.
I’m in SP trying the coffer purge for the first time. I set up my coffer in an old base south of noob river that I’m not using for crafting anymore. On my first Proclaim, it said “… no reachable location…” after a minute or two. Then I closed a hatch that acts like a little drawbridge and Proclaimed again. It stuck on scouting for 5 minutes or more.
I’m wondering if I should try moving the coffer around inside this base and simplifying things following suggestions in this thread. But if the purge just plain isn’t going to hit south of the river, then I might as well just make some new little bases up north somewhere and try some T1’s until I find one that hits reliably.

The system message about the purge having no reachable location to setup their base camp can be extremely misleading.
In all the cases I have had the same issue the problem was not a lack of space for a base camp but the actual way from all possible base camp locations right to the coffer. An that can actually be caused by a tiny little bit of too much of placeables in front of or around the coffer. Just make sure that there is a way from probable spawning locations right to the coffer that does NOT involve climbing or destroying other things than gates and doors.

This is the answer. You can build a base were where the purge camp cannot find a spot to spawn, but in most cases this message is because of a server problem.

For example, I have a purge base where previously I’d had success spawning purges. One evening when there were 30+ players on the server I proclaimed my wealth 18 times. One time the camp spawned but could not find a path to my cofer half way through the next wave, the rest could not find a spot for the camp. Early the next morning I was the first player on the server and spawned 5 purges in a row with no problems. A few hours later, players could not spawn purges.

People are doing random things, mostly fiddling with their base and when they finally get the purge to spawn they say what ever they did must be the secret to a successful purge. It not–it’s the server state.

Funcom needs to fix the server code so it doesn’t get in a state where the purge cannot spawn. If that cannot be done before the mid-January patch then they need to add a message something like “server too busy to spawn a purge, try again tomorrow.”

I removed the walls so they had a path, and they then spawned, they won’t bust through walls it seems.

I am moderately jealous that you can have doors. if I have anything… anything at all between the coffer and open ground… the purge fails to spawn as it is too hard.

Table? blocked
stuffed bear? blocked
Iron pot? can’t figure out hire to step over it
I treasure statue? that blocks the coffer

I literally had to place the coffer in the open ground outside my base to get the purge to run. on the plus side, I could mostly ignore the demolishers as there was nothing for them to demolish…

Likewise. We had success moving the coffer a little (about a couple of tiles) to a slightly more open area.

We’ve also had purge waves stall/stop as they’re caught behind rocks both in their forward camp itself and on the route between camp and player-base. Like you say removal of trees/rocks/etc. when the forward base is placed down could be great. Unsure what can be done about obstacles along the route though, I guess that’s just inherently a pathing issue.

Hi guys,

Here’s what happened to me. After constructing the first floor of my fort, I decided to test the new purge mechanic. I have two gates on different sides of the walls, so I was expecting attacks from two different locations. One of the gates leads to the desert where building isn’t allowed, while the other gate is fine. After initiating the purge (level 2), the camp was established to the left of the “fine gate.” However, after the first wave, I received the message: “The attackers have determined that they can’t reach the coffin and retreated.” So, I started another purge without making any changes, but this time the camp’s location changed to the right of my “fine gate.” After the first wave, I received the same message. On my third attempt, I got the message: “There is no reachable location for the purge to set up their base camp.”

So, I had two respawn points for the purge, but it didn’t start this time. Changing the treasure location didn’t help. I have no stairs; the purge just has to navigate a small labyrinth to reach the treasure, with no indoor areas or anything. The only thing that helped was interacting with my gate and disabling the auto-closing feature. Keeping the gates open as long as the purge was ongoing solved the problem. Closing them prematurely aborted the purge, with the message: “The attackers have determined that they can’t reach the coffin and retreated.” I hope this helps.

Yeah… that is about the level of ability the purge has for me. ANYTHING. And i mean that. Anything other than placing the coffers in the open is too hard for the purge.

I’ve given up on it.