Things losing stability randomly

So I had this issue previously with fish traps etc. but never bothered to collect logs. But now this was very weird. I put down a turanian artisan bench, inserted carpener and started making spikes. I went over to another part of the building to do some modifications only to come back to a whole where the bench was. 2 ceilings, some walls, bench, carpenter etc. all gone. I checked the logs - you can see the screencap. Anyone has any idea what’s going on?

well it says that someone dismantled the walls which gives the bench stability. not 100% sure but it sounds like maybe you or one of your clanmembers dismantled the wall. you blackened the name. is that a familiar one? if it looses stability or decays it would say something else.

Nope this happens randomly with me also after updates. Have lost most things to this issue with items that were placed on foundations that are just on the ground.

hmmm than i dont know. never had something like that on xbox. official server or any mods? maybe a mod is making problems, buts thats just a guess since mods make problems in many games on pc

First of, as I said, the dismantling was me remodeling another part of the building. Secondly it’s official server, no mods, on PC.

Is this placed on triangle foundations? If yes I know there was a time that after update things placed on triangle foundations would disappear or something like that I personally don’t use triangle foundations after I read that on the forums here a long while ago

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Nope, only regular foundations used. Also it was the middle floor in a three story building.

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