Stuff still disappearing on nemedian foundations?!

Logged in today after 5 days away to find that 3 of my crafting stations and a cold box have lost stability and went poof. All on nemedian floors. Lost lots of mats again. Thought nemedian floors were fixed?!

Update: 3 more stations randomly disappeared in the last 10 minutes while playing.

It hasnt been fixed , still ongoing.

FYI it is not just nemedian floors same thing happend to me on insulated and black ice floors i think it is something to do with the age of war update i was looking at my foundations and the ones that were facing north did not lose stability and the ones that were facing any other way but north lost stability :thinking: maybe the update forced the foundations to face north and broke stability doing that :confused:

The thing is the first time you log in slowly all stuff builded on nemedian foundations will decay that not must happend all at once . After all stuff is decayed it looks like its save too build on nemedian foundations. But my tip replace them whit other foundations befor you rebuild


This is very disconcerting as I just replaced all nemedian floors with insulated wood ones. Looks like Funcom just ignoring this problem (?) I’m tired of losing my sh*t everytime I log in. I might try to place all floors facing north, see what happens - thanks for the tip!

My stormglass building pieces are disappearing also when im online.hope they will fix this asap.
No fun in building if it disappears a minute later!

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I found out few days ago, I lost randomly master workbenches with all stuff in them, T4 thralls, etc. Event log just says it lost stability, and all of those in one second. I thought it was some random bug after update release, but makes sense, because stuff on ceilings did not lose stability.

So it’s foundation problem?

Everyone should replace all Nemedian foundations with something else and be prepared not to use them again until the next major patch.

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or use the ceiling pillar method it is so inconsistent to reproduce what is braking i quit using foundations

Where are you built? On the ground or in a tree? I’ve known building in trees some building pieces will randomly lose stability. I’m on Xbox and I’ve a full storm glass base up for weeks now and haven’t had a single piece lose stability. All my foundations face east (coz I was being ■■■■ about it).

I replaced mine and dont use nemedian until its fixed.

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