Do not change nemedian foundations!

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After taking the whole of yesterday off due to being fuming that I lost 40+ chests full of high end materials, including 50k alchemical base, due to Funcom’s release of the new age; The Age of War, I thought I’d come back today and swap over the Nemedian Foundations to Storm Glass Foundations. However, in the process of doing so I have now lost EVERY OTHER CHEST that hadn’t gone originally. And I do mean every other chest. That’s 4 years of being on server #1042 and 6000+ hours of grinding, grafting, looting etc…

So please, for the sake of learning from my mistakes, please please PLEASE do not swap over the Nemedian Foundations to another set of foundations for fear of losing everything you have worked for.

I live in the hope that Funcom will release some kind of roll back, but am doubtful that they will. I do promise this though… This whale of a player will no longer invest any money in this franchise.


I am taking the approach - until I see a Hotfix for the issue - of not logging into any of my played servers. Too risky as too much irreplaceable storeed stuff (including unique reward stuff from Journeys and the like).

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So you swapped the foundation under the chests, and the chest become unstable? This is important to know for many people

No no… I started swapping the Nemedian Foundations in the areas where the original chests and work benches were previously, well away from the rest of the chests and work benches. It was only when I went to change the foundations where the remaining chests were that I saw the sacks on the ground. Thankfully I managed to salvage some stuff, but in all, over 300 chests full of high end materials, as well as the work benches all gone. I just hope that this message stops one (if not more) player from making the same mistake as I did.

Im not sure I understand here. You are saying that you didnt have stuff vanish until you started to actually change the foundations? But the vanished ones were still on top of nemedian foundations?

Well, I hope people will know to move the chests first to a safe location before starting work on replacing the foundations…

Right, let me start again (you’ve obviously missed my previous comments on other threads)… As soon as everything was updated after the Age of War was released I logged in. As soon as I logged in I noticed that 40+ chests full of high end materials were missing (not even sacks on the ground). I checked the Event Log and saw that all at the very same time 40+ chests, as well as several work benches, had all lost stability and with that, the loot within all gone. :frowning:

I didn’t log in at all yesterday, trying to calm down and not let it get to me, after all, it’s just a collection of pixels and in the scheme of things, it’s not the most important thing in this life… But after 4 years of playing and logging 6000+ hours on this one character, I just had to take 24 hours off, go outside, smell the fresh air (and drink a few alcohols).

When I woke this morning I decided to log back in and change the Nemedian Foundations over with the idea that I would stop the problem getting any worse. However, as you can tell by my Origianl Post in this thread, it didn’t work, and my sole intention for this thread is to try and help other players avoid the same mistakes I made.

I hope this clears any misunderstanding.

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