This is the last straw, Unlockable chests and vaults?

Game mode: [Online | dedicated pvp]
Problem: Chests and vaults wont lock.
Region: [America]

So I knew I was going to get raided last night so I hurried to make a vault. I make the vault and it won’t let me lock it. I thought they came locked but even still I couldnt lock it. Ofcourse comes along some raiders and takes everything i have which would have been prevented if I was able to lock my stuff up. This is the last straw. Things that aren’t part of the game come out of nowhere and screw you over. Getting raided and raiding is fun but not when new rules that only apply to whoever is getting bugged out at that moment is getting old. I am done I think. was fun fix your bugs or just charge us for more content…

Steps on how to reproduce issue: