This message is to Barnes

So you are thinking about leaving us. Not ony watch
I will hunt yoy down and bring you back to Funcom. LOL. You are an important link to this forum. AND I FOR ONE DO NOT WANT TO LOOSE SOMEONE OF YOUR STANDING. Your insight into Conan is by far one of the best. So just stay for all of us.


I agree @Barnes is probably the most close to my mindset on this game. Hate to pose him. Side note, i amstarting a map mod. Geared heavily for area control pvp. My hope is i can get him and a few people he trusts to pkay test and shoot ideas my way, or hell shoot my crazy ideas down.


Wait what?

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Although I’m not gonna ask you to stay – it’s not very healthy to devote time to something you’ve lost enthusiasm for – I do hope you’ll eventually revive your interest and hang out here with the rest of us.


I remember a story from the army!
On special forces barels of water were used for penalty.
So a son of a general happen to do a mistake and get the penalty to spend the night in a water barel. The next day general send a furious message to the commander of the unit about “this” action.
So on the morning report, the commamder asked the boy after a prologue …
The ones who “will” to serve the special forces should know that they ain’t going to gain special treatment from me, no matter who’s their parents, do you understand this soldier?
(boy) YES SIR!
Why did you informed your father about the incident then, soldier?
(boy) I didn’t speak to my father SIR! I called my mother to inform her how strong i am becoming in here. I spend the whole night in a water barel and i didn’t catch a cold!

On topic now!
@Barnes is aint going nowhere!
Over my dead body. (please don’t tell me to become a body so you’ll pass :pleading_face:).
But having a break from times to times is necessary for everybody, even devs need breaks :man_shrugging:. It’s healthy and logical!
Barnes knows that we love him and we need him in this game and forum. His “dancing” skills are vital!
Don’t let our love to stop you from your decisions my master, take your break, gather up and we will be here waiting for your return (of the king).
Darkness exists so the light prevails!
See you soon like a fresh smiling sun brother.


Wait…what? Oh hell no.

@Barnes were you the one who asked me to open up a private testlive server? Cause seriously I’ll make it happen.

Just upgraded my router and internet speed, and my WoW server is in limbo atm so yeah, its not like that machine doesnt have the resources to spare.


Well said. It is not healthy to be solely devoted to a single game. Most of us forum mainstays have had a hiatus at some point or another over the years. Sometimes it is better step away from the fray for the short-term, play other titles for a while, then return with a renewed interest and enthusiasm. Best of all, this way we also get to see what new features have accumulated upon our return.


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