Thrall AI (And AI In General) Is Clunky And Poor

Thralls, pets, and mounts move very clunky, constantly get hung up on the environment. Attack animations often lead to easy cheesing of the AI. Enemies will often just stand there taking ranged hits from afar and then do this auto-disengage, running back to their previous starting location and regenerating. It feels very inorganic and makes the environment feel more like a sloppy computer than a world of danger.

It should be perpetually risky traversing the environment, especially unprepared. I would like to have seen things like traps or unique ways to single pull creatures such as using methods of distraction where if you get into a fight with multiple enemies, it can turn sour quick.

If you climb up the side of something with monsters at your feet, they should stay there and pace. Some might even be scripted to lie down and wait for you - it shouldn’t be a catch-all failsafe. Additionally, your stamina should very slowly deteriorate while you’re hanging on. You’re not going to tell me that any human being can sit there on a barely-jagged cliff face with their fingers holding the small crevices, and that they can just maintain that indefinitely. The greatest climbers in the world even have limits.

I would say take some advice from the AI in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. You can note how creatures interact in their movement. Virtually nothing ever gets hung up on the environment, and nothing feels like it’s being “cheesed”. Monsters sometimes get quite creative in how they pursue you, and combat is a lot more fluid and meaningful.


Yeah man , you would go teleport to a obelisk, lets just say Volcanoe’s Obelisk, any horse you had now lets just say hypothetically has a 3/4 of a chance to just run off to either sides of the edge and go straight into the lava below you Or EVEN your followers wont actually follow you and stand there at the obelisk exposed for anything to attack them , Funcom in my Opinion , needs to get off there butts
and FIGURE THE FLIP OUT a newer thrall system than the one they currently have right now as I speak

The worst thing is the thralls stop atk forever when they enter on defensive stance with a shild, dont move or atk and most of time they dont complete combo actions… i have thralls that only uses two light atks at a time or two have atks and stops combo actions its anoyng … food buffs to lvl up with specific atributes bugged all the time or they dont consume food to heal themselves… idk but healing arrows got nerfed and they dont even heal 70 HP so waste of time encumbrance and mats to make them… wtf funcom is doing to the game? :frowning: i hope they add some kind of outcombat heal for pets and thralls such bandages that heal 25% maximum health over time or less just for thralls or make healing arrows better again…

I’ve been playing for about 6 months and the 2.2 patch intended to introduce AI fixes left the AI in the worst state I have experienced. PvE is garbage at best, often infuriating dealing with the bugs and glitchiness. This is a fundamental part of gameplay and should be Funcom’s top priority to fix.

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