Thrall Conversion time reduction for Exiled Lands Official PVP servers

So. I’ve been thinking to come up with this suggestion for some time,
now since we are taking alot of care for the casual player in the latest patches I think it should be fair to put the thrall conversion down abit?

on official server it takes 24 Hours to converte a Thrall T4 into yours. That is by all means alright it has been like this always, but newcomers - going on PVP servers will get wiped, easy,
do 2 things start on a new server or quit, because; “how come this fool can take my stuff & get away with it”

and for clans! I miss having people on a server, I make friends with clans who are not from my own clan, but just to have them around & once they are wiped they leave. that is a very high % of players who have this mentality once they are raided & I think by letting them farm up thralls easier they tend to stay on the original server.

My Opinion
if the thrall conversion changed drasticly I think Officials PVP would get a chance again, as the RP system on many private held servers doesn’t exist on Official; I personally miss to play on Officials but I stick to the others at the moment, because of Thrall conversion but those servers wipe constantly :frowning:

Thrall conversion time short down
HELPS New players, wiped clans, solo players,

Lets agree till we disagree.


Can u please move this one to General topic I accidently choose wrong forum :joy:

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