Thrall crafting time ps4

Is there any way to make thrall crafting time multiplier on 0.25 on ps4 for single player

Yes lower number is faster in server settings. It may be limited in sever settings have not played offline much. Sometimes going into sever settings instead of in game slider allows you to type in a number. Good Luck Exile. @Spdalpha

I know that I meant is there a way to make it 0.25 because it only goes in 0.5 increments for me any way to change that or enter a number manually

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@Spdalpha He already answered that:

If you don’t own a server and typing in a number doesn’t work, then the answer is no.

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So it would not show up in sever settings anyway I admit have rarely played offline.

Good morning .
If you play solo offline, you could designate yourself as an administrator via the settings.
To designate yourself as an administrator, you simply have to select the appropriate option. once this is done, go to the craft options present in parameter and manually choose the slave enslavement time.

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Started offline game. 001 insta thralls or .501 half the time. No option to type in.

As these screenshots show, once you are in the settings panel, choose the option “make me an administrator”. Once done, go to the craft line then set the values ​​that suit you


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