Thrall disapear or deleted

Game mode: [ Select one: Single-player ]
Type of issue: [ Select one: Bug ]*
Server type: [ Select one: solo ]
Mods?: [ Yes ]
Version: [Steam]

Bug Description:

Thrall deleted.


I noticed a problem with the thralls / mounts when they follow you, if you die they disappear.

If we return to the place of our death the following are no longer visible at all in the map and are on a reconnaissance mission.

Once a certain time (long) they return to their places, where they were in guard position. But sometimes they disappear completely and we lose everything.

All this happens regardless of the location on the map of the lands of exile.

if we come back to the place to resume our thrall and fight the boss it’s impossible, all the time the thrall is invisible.

Installed Mods:

Immerse RP : buildings & placable decor
Better thralls
improved quality of life
pick up+
less building placement
map room teleport

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Go where you want on the map with followers thralls or mounts
  • Die
  • Come back to your die position (with or without teleport)
  • And got thrall and mount disapear
  • sometimes they come back to guard position at base (long time to wait)
  • and other times literally disapear form the game.

Have also seen this and more. They appear to fall into the mesh but are often invisible, Ghost-ing can’t locate them.

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Annoying Bug
Server type : solo
Mods? : No
Version : Steam

Bug Description:

Thralls won’t stay where placed… don’t precisely return after combat. Thralls sometimes disappear after player death, time dependent?! Archer thralls won’t stay where placed on wall/parapet. Archer thrall disappeared but map says she is nearby.

In one case a thrall was told to stop following while inside my base and near her guard post. She disappeared. Left the cell, etc. map says she’s still there… LIES :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I rescued this one, losing all gear…

I have been having trouble getting Archers to “Stand and Defend”. They are constantly dropping off the wall where they are placed.

Have even noticed NPC’s spawn away from intended positions. Smiths performing their tasks nowhere near the table/bench. Guards in Sepermeru not standing at their posts and more.

Yesterday one of my Archers went AWOL. The map and the map marker indicates the thrall is nearby, in the base. The map lies. IIRC it was Freya both times…

I decided to leave the area/cell. My base is in the Jungle. I farmed the unnamed city for awhile and went to Sepermeru, then bed. This morning I returned from the Unnamed city. My Archer is still AWOL.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Make a length of square foundations, two high.
  • Place an Archer or two on top of the wall.
  • Go do something for awhile. You don’t need to leave the cell.
  • Rinse and repeat until the thrall drops off the wall.

In singleplayer, check your follower list, and see if they are still showing up.
If yes, they’re probably under mesh. You can set you as admin, ghost under the map and get them back.
Or you can use the rescue option, this doesn’t need admin, but your thrall will lose all stuff in what they hold in their inventory. So the ghosting trick is mostly the easiest, even if it may seem bit cheaty. :wink:

Thanks Vattende but…

Returned, quickly to the location of my death. Rhino got me. It was near my base (close to Drifter’s rest), died near Exiles Camp 24. This is not very far. Thrall and pet were gone. Now when I say the map indicates thralls are nearby, that means I enabled the thrall(s) in the Follower list to be shown on the map. The thrall and pet were not under the mesh. However, they did return home.

I Ghosted here as well, no thrall under mesh. Left area/cell waited patiently… lost patience. This thrall was rescued…

This is the second time I have lost thralls that won’t return, the map says they are home and they are not under the mesh.

I know when thralls vanish and still show up in follower list, there are somewhere under the map.
Sometimes i had myself a hard time to spot them, and the first time i gave up, thinking like you they was lost for good.
But they may be all at the buttom of the map, very far. Often you have go down before you can spot a little point.

There are also occasions when they dispear completely from the follower list. At this point, there is not lot that can be done, unfortunately. But as long they’re showed on map, they’re somewhere there.

I know how spooky and ennoying that bug is, it occured to me so many times in my SP games.
Like said in my other post, the only more or less save place to let them i found are tree plateformes, but again, this will not fit all the time. :rofl: :rofl:

An other possibility is that they go partially under mesh, and the system grab them, and eject them at point 0.00 of the map. I didn’t myself have lot this, and this may more happen on server under stress.

Ok, so an update.

I found my archer under a second layer of the mesh where the map indicated. I had not even bothered to check this morning since losing her yesterday.

Yesterday, I checked under all layers, including the water layer. But maybe I still didn’t go deep enough.

So while I found her today after several game Quits, why wasn’t she at her guard post? That is where she was last placed.

Anyway next time this happens, I’ll check deeper.

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Yes i tried to go as ghost. Maybe no deeper.
But still a bug ahah.

I will check deeper next time.
Thank you !

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