Thrall don’t do combos

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***thrall don’t do combos just just do a single attack

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There is an issue since the update whereupon your thralls won’t combo with any weapon other than the type they came out of the wheel with. Dalinsia Snowhunter for instance breaks with a one handed weapon and will combo only with one handed whereas beserkers will only combo with two handed weapons. I’m sure I read that it’s not intentional and they are working on a fix.

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I was aware of the bug. However, That explains why I had a random level 1 berserker doing more damage than other thralls. He still had his sword. I was in the middle of a boss fight and my clanmate brought him over, so I didn’t really have a chance to notice he was doing combos.

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It does all way work I have a thrall that will do combo. But no acher will no matter what. I have a Lima who will not do combo with the venom axe but will do it with a star metal one

I’m having the same issue on my server, thralls only do combos when wielding the weapon type they came with, one handed/ two handed, slightly annoying tbh.

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue, and it has been partially addressed in 2.4 (some specific thrall types still experience this problem, which is being looked into). This update will come to consoles soon bringing any new fixes with it. For a glimpse of some of the fixes incoming, you can read the PC patchnotes.

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