Thrall eating, and Regen health

So i am a modder and have a Dev kit. And i wanted to hear from you guys. I have discovered that you can increase health regeneration via timer when eating. If we do have thrall able to eat and drink. DO you guys think it would be a good idea to allow thrall to have a 10 health point per sec as a regen duration over 10 sec when they are eating.

Or to introduce it think about eating after 50% of health is lost to eat to regain health. This would combat the need to feed to hey this cool mechanic could provide a way to have a way to ensure that my thrall can be healthy for the next battle rather quickly.

Even better would be a thrall getting increase attack boost, or defensive boost or faster bow firing time. etc. Like the idea i have to make Feeding a thrall more of a benefit then a negative is endless

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