Thrall Emotes, Actions, and Interactions

I’m a console gamer who likes to roleplay in the towns I build. Without access to mods I have to use my imagination a lot. But an expanded thrall/follower system could help

Giving us the option to assign emotes to our thralls would be the simplest improvement. Right? Instead of seeing a bunch of idle thralls, we could have some sitting by the fire or praying at an altar etc. Adding options like “sit” on chair or “sleep” on bed would be particularly helpful for romance roleplay. = )

More advanced settings could include adding patrol paths or having thralls wave when returning to base. I could go on: random interactions at crafting tables, swimming when placed in water, thralls responding to your character emotes (mutual hug animation), thralls interacting with other thralls such as having conversations… A lot of this animation is already in game.

I’d just like to have my bases feel more alive since I spend a lot time building and organizing in single player.


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