Thrall exp multiplier was lowered on PvP servers

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc
Region: All

U increased harvest multiplier, but lowered thrall experience multiplier from 4 to 1 on PvP servers (on PvE servers it was always 1)
Please, fix it


Yeah I notice that. I’ve been working on my berserker for 8hours and he’s only LVL 18. Usually I can max LVL three a day and.

yep, same on PC. Everything is x1 now.

I really understand your issue here. Pvp is a great run to everything, so this delay is a really great issue. The archers must be at least lvl 10, even the ones you sacrifice tovyhe front line of defense. Taking thrm to lvl 10 it was 20 min, now you need more than an hour. So one really good trick is to go with a team mate to the unnamed city, ask your team mate to take a thrall that is lvl 20 fighter, let him kill and you archer will take all the leveling points. I did it, it worked and i share it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Yeah, give PvE until 27. also 4XP.

PvP would have their Default XP rate back and PvE a bonus…

1 brimstone run with one unnamed city, level 15~ 1 hour

Are you on PvP official server?

Hi @Zandman, we’re aware of this and it will be addressed as soon as possible, thank you for reporting it.

Phewww… i was wondering why i couldn’t power level my Relic hunter as archers on our official PVP. We are seeing new people and we are trying to build up for the eventual raids coming. Good to know i haven’t lost my touch, it was a “bug”.

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