Thrall Experience, Training Time Reduction Needed

I miss the days of leveling a Teimos up in a couple hours. FUNCOM has nerfed Teimos and every other thrall into the ground. It takes forever to level a Janos or Dalinsia just to end up dead in combat in under 30 secs. The experience multiplier to level up should be 3X what it is now since they have taken away 66% of the vitality the fighter thralls use to have.

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If you like thralls, your best bet are private servers where they tweak that. Either that or Single Player where you can mitigate the damage caused. On officials, you have to see thralls as expendables. Tools, no less.

If you want something already leveled, try golems.

If you’re on PvP and you need a ton of expendable slaves, then just carry on using those fast leveling ones.
Sully and Tarman are the best ones from that bunch btw (better than Teimos, permanent spawnpoint but still having the fast leveling curve)

Sure, they’re not Dalinsias and relic hunters, but you’re getting them so they can die anyway :man_shrugging: Players will always kill the thralls no matter what and for wasting time and dying, those are fine too even if their damage modifier is less :stuck_out_tongue:

My take on a follower if I take them on a raid with me is…


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Yeah, unfortunately. But then the same people get all cozy with their pets.
What’s wrong with you people?!?


Btw, this taming time reduction was a great idea.

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