Thrall leveling, feat and attribute condensement

Just to cover a few things I still see room for attention, but overall very glad where this game has gotten thus far.

-Thrall leveling should be made possible, likely through the torturer table with relevant crafting thrall for station thralls and by having the combat/dancer thralls follow you through the world to level. This should cap off at tier 3 so tier 4(named) thralls retain their purpose. The process for combat/dancer thralls should be very slow given their low level limit but this gives players a trying to capture thralls the option of skipping the line or settling with whatever they find since they explore a lot and don’t have time to search near and far for T3/4.

-Feats should condense themselves as you progress. Currently, as you level, if you plan to craft your necessary gear to keep leveling you learn the feat available to you to stay up to date with your surrounding enemies. Then after about level 30 you start to notice a number of your recipes are irrelevant yet the feat points are spent. It seems wasteful to expect everyone to ignore this or harvest yellow lotus potions to make the most of their limited feats. I would suggest rearranging ALL feat points related to weapons and armor to be like construction pieces, with an expected total feat points required to be fixed and divided across the tiers leading up to the final tier. This would lower the amount of points needed ofcourse between each tier as to not further the burden of having to progress in feats but at least you wouldn’t feel like any points were wasted along the way.

-(Long read) Many attributes I think are good and well placed, but the encumbrance trait line feels like a complete waste, while the vitality line is almost mandatory just to live. For starters, both mandatory in some small fashion for all builds that plan to explore, because of how heavy everything gets by the time you are “geared up” and with how much damage enemies end up doing even with updated armor.

==Encumbrance should be removed and gently spread out as you level. Something along the lines of 3 points per level, and change encumbrance gear to instead grant weight limit % or a fixed amount. The traitline is poorly made to be built into any permanent build, and the traits range from far too useless to game breaking like someone with 1,000% weight limit sprinting at full speed. Just spread it across leveling so the progression of the traitline retains and with unique armor granting you the ability to carry a more rational and balanced amount. If need be, reduce total attribute points granted as you level to reflect the extra points you may have to throw the balance off.

==Vitality bonus health pool should be migrated to a per-level basis and add some adjustments for investing into vitality. The new bonus per vitality point would instead lower the duration needed before your health would regenerate after taking damage, and by level 30 would instead grant additional total health as to retain its purpose for hp tanks.
So essentially all players would have natural health gain, regardless of level or vitality, to begin after say 60 seconds of taking no damage at the same rate (1 per 1 second). With this baseline, players would naturally gain perhaps 5 points of health per level regardless of vitality. With these 2 changes, vitality now lowers the time needed to wait for health to regenerate after taking no damage by 1 second. By 30 vitality you would of lowered it by 30 seconds, but now instead of natural health regen bonus, it instead lowers the time needed by another 30 seconds to provide the same effect it does now. In addition, it now converts additional time reduction to instead increase your maximum health by an additional 5 for each point into vitality. This stabilizes the higher levels from not practically requiring vitality to survive end-game content and gives those who invest into it the same benefit from climbing past 30 points.

In relation to survival, temperature effects being diminished (vitality level 20) should be relocated to the 3rd survival attribute bonus with maybe further benefits and node/animal resource enhancement should be condensed into the 2nd survival bonus. Give vitality level 20 maybe a reduction to crippling effects are less severe (condensing of encumbrance trait line being removed). The 5th bonus of survival should be faster recovery time from staggering hits and crowd control (half the duration) with a 50% chance to change incoming crowd control effects into a stagger instead.

These are just a few of my suggestions, thoughts?

Not sure about some of these, the feat changes seem unnecessary since we can respec and simply not invest in weapons we no longer need. As for Vitality though, IMO the current [pitiful] level of regeneration at Vit 30 feels like it ought to be the base rate that everyone heals at, with significant investment in vitality improving the regen and/or shortening its delay. A perk that decreases the duration of bleed, cripple, poison, etc. would also be welcome.

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I know of the yellow lotus potion, but the idea of respec shouldn’t be expected because you leveled and now have outdated recipes. As it stands the potion isn’t that hard to make so there is a means to deal with it, but I think it could be done smarter to where it isn’t an expectation anymore but an option as it is supposed to be.

Interesting. Can you elaborate thorough a bit clearer example?

With construction pieces, you need to start with the earlier tiers before you can move up, with the end being access to all of it. I’d suggest doing the same for weapons as they are now, with a rebalance to the amount of points needed to go up each tier.

So that by the time you start hitting higher levels you won’t need to look back at the points wasted on lower tier weapons, basically forcing you to craft a yellow lotus potion every so often to get the points to spend where you want. I know the potential for feats is now unlimited with the fragments of power but it’s still a long ways down the road for players to utilize them. This would make the progression seamless for weapon feats as you level.

On a related note, it would be nice if you could “hide/unhide” various recipes to not clutter the crafting list so much.

I think what TC is going for is to take all equivalent level weapon recipes and make a single feat for that tier.

Like for example, instead of Stone Sword, Stone Axe, Stone Bow, Stone Spear, Stone Dagger, Stone Club all having a feat for each of them, instead you make Stone Weapons a feat.

Like how the various Construction Feats unlock all the walls, foundations, ceilings, etc for that particular material/type.

As far as the amount of feats, you can earn potions in-game from bosses at level 60 to give you more feat points. Respec should no longer really be necessary unless you are going on a strict playthrough to only allow a specific number of points to be spent.

You would get better at your craftsmanship that is. Then you would be able to do weapons and directly influence which routes of modifications they would go to as well? Making them lighter and / or sturdier and / or sharper already at the recipe level for example.

Do we get the points back in exchange of leveling up our specific item branches for example?

The end cost would be balanced out to equal what it is now, unless it should be decided to be impossible, so end-game builds would not need to change how many points their working with, but those invested into a particular weapon would have every tier learned of their weapon instead of having re-specialize to only know the end tiers. It’s not so much a benefit or balance change as a convenience of progression.

If I’ve understood the suggestion properly don’t know how well auto-upgrades in feats would work in the game.
Eg if I understand the idea: get to level 30 in the game and the game automatically teaches you Steel tools and unteaches you lower level tool feats

Get to level 55 and the game automatically upgrades to Star metal Tools and unteaches the lower level tool feats

-> sounds like a good idea in principle but the issue id have with it is
A) that the game could do this when you are out harvesting with the previous level of tool type and suddenly you can’t repair it with raw materials because you don’t know the recipe any longer
B) assumption that you will have the materials available immediately to craft the new tools
C) assumption by the game that we WANT to upgrade to the next level immediately…the new feats will cost more than the previous and we might not want to expend those points on the tools right away … we could have wanted to put points into something else and keep the lower feats until another time to change our entire feat arrangement through drinking a potion.
D) how the game will reconcile the upgrades if you don’t have the tools geared at all.

No, the idea is to carry lower level tiers throughout the progression as a pre-requisite to higher levels so you never feel like you’ve wasted any feat points into learning the type of weapon you wish to use. The overall expense would need to be balanced out to not affect current end-game builds, so the end builds would notice little to no difference yet between level 1-60 players wouldn’t feel a need to use a yellow lotus potion to refund “useless” points.

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Maybe the tree needs to be clearer divided between props and actual must-to-learn items. For example, what would help is that we could use points for props only after we’ve gone thorough the must road. Then we would have to redesign the recipes for some of the items to reflect situations. The tree would end up being an actual tree, prettier as well, clearer albeit intricate.

If this is what balance stands for, do we hear any objections?

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