Thrall,pet and undead limits increase and passive exp

Funcom we need rebalance in the thrall numbers. Pets,Mounts Undead and Thralls need thier own numbers. Max thrall 100. Max pets 50. Max Undead 100. Mounts max should be 25.

Each clan member adds zero to this number. Boom balance for small clans on servers.

Every thrall/pet/mount should auto generate passive exp. Food should give thralls/pets/mounts exp too.

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So they discussed the issue with their programmers and engineers and decided that a nice round 100 would be a good balance between populating a clan’s base and server performance.

And you propose almost tripling that number.

Not trying to be rude, just want to make sure you understand the dynamics of what you just proposed.


I disagree with the passive experience but I certainly do agree that the numbers need to be higher

275 isn’t 300. You forgot to mention my rebalance on clans. Zero plus per extra clan member balances the thrall System for small clans and no clan runners.

I want to separate thralls from undead,pets and mounts. 100 thralls is still 100 human thralls. Pets aren’t thralls. Undead aren’t thralls. Mounts aren’t thralls.

Passive Exp gain helps small and no clan runners.

Which is why I said “almost”. :roll_eyes:

The issue is not what type of minion it is, human, mount or other. The thrall limit was put in place because they were having a severe negative performance effect on the servers. Particularly in these megabases people were building with hundreds of thralls and pets and whatnot scattered all over it. 500 actors is still 500 actors whether it’s 500 human thralls, 500 pets, or a mix of humans and pets and undead.

So it was decided that for system performance reasons the upper limit would be 100 total actors, which in game is collectively referred to as “thralls”. You are free to mix and match the composition all you like within that limit, but that limit is there because of technical reasons rather than balance.


I feel very adamant about limiting the number of thralls (actors), and 100 per clan sounds great on paper. I am tired of running by a huge base on official servers and watching my FPS drop to 15 (or worse) because they have 300+ useless (level zero) pets guarding their ENORMOUS castle. So many pets in fact that they can’t even be bothered to give them names.

My question is, does this mean I get 100 thralls (as a solo player) or am I limited to just 10 (10/per clan member, 10 max clan members)? 10 is very light considering I will want AT LEAST 1 dancer to clear corruption, 1 bearer to farm, 1 horse (or rhino) for transportation and 1 fighter as follower. If I only get 10 total as solo player, that only leaves 6 thralls to guard my base (and wheel of pain outposts) against purges? PLEASE TELL ME I GET 100 THRALLS AS SOLO PLAYER!

55 for solo player, then each new member of the clan increases it by 5 until you hit 100.

Of course everything is adjustable in the server settings, so if you’re on a private server or play single player, you can fiddle around with those numbers all you like.

55 for solo player is plenty. Thanks for the response. =)

As far as passive XP for thralls, I say no thank you. If you can’t be bothered to take your thrall/pet out for a lil one on one adventuring then you don’t deserve the benefits of a leveled up thrall/pet. The game is fun when you play it, not so much if it plays for you.

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