Thrall placement solo vs multiplayer

How come I can place thralls near each other in solo but on official PVE server I can only place 1 per 2 tiles?

I worked out a base design in solo that could compete with the purge but now on official server I cant place the thralls in a tower. I came back to the game excited for the purge but since I don’t generally join clans this mechanic is going to push me away again. The only thing worse is a decay system where you can’t take a 1 week holiday with out loosing everything.

You make them follow that can make them tighter but my thralls were dieing when following on me so do it your risk

Styker, thanks for the work around. What a pain in the ■■■, I will be able to get them where I need them after lots of extra building and destroying once their placed.

I would still like an answer to my question is there a reason you cant just place thralls near each other in multi like you can in solo because if not it is a bug that should be fixed.

You should be able to counter the purge with thralls and this placement limitation doesn’t work. I mean really 20+ attackers on one side of base and you can place maybe 4 thralls do the math.

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