Nothing new, same question with a twist to it

I am wondering the same thing as everybodyvsME, of course, but even more so since the release of the Aquilonian Secret Passages in the bazaar. The item allows you to place two thralls on each of its sides (highlighted in green before placing them). That placement is closer than the default distance between two thralls.

Why? Is it a test for future interactions of thralls with the furniture? Can we imagine an update in which we will be able to sit the thralls on the chairs for instance?

If not for that reason, why is the distance not the same as the default placement?

I’ve been able to place thralls super close together without issues on console. It’s just a matter of adjusting positions on your character before placing your thralls

On PC, to get my thralls as close as the ones on the Aquilonian Secret Passages, I would have to cheat my way, otherwise I get the message they are too close to each other when I try to place them the “normal” way. If you wonder, the Aquilonian set places the thralls at a distance more or less equivalent to 1 foundation.

On this picture, I tried to place my Dalinsia next to them the normal way. The game considers them too close.

An other picture to illustrate the problem. Before my Dalinsia is placed on the library (valid spot in green), the game considers her too close to the kneeling thrall. On the green spot however, the game accepts it.

Yeah there is definitely a difference between Single-player, and playing online on consoles. In a single player game you can pretty much place them anywhere (within reason)

Online though, it is different. I always assumed it was done this way to reduce the load on the online servers, (which would be a lot if you factor in every player / clan online thrall armies) - This was done before there was an actual thrall ‘cap’ if my memory serves (the cap was introduced later)

It is annoying though, and with a thrall cap in place now anyway, I don’t see the point in having a restriction on their actual placement. An outdated restriction now maybe?

Or is there still some technical reason as to why it’s still in place?

For example, in a single-player game I can comfortably have 3 dancers either dancing or lounging on a large red Khitan carpet. Online I can only really have one (maybe two if you squeeze both far enough away on opposite ends, but that really is it)

Yes, in a single player game we can place the thralls close to each other, but if they are closer than 2 meters (the length of the foundation), then they will not be able to return back to the same places if they left them. For example, if they got angry at the enemy and ran to attack, then only one will return to his place. The second one will not be able to and will slowly wander around, trying in vain to overcome the limitation.

True, but since you are effectively playing PvE in single player mode, you can just instruct your thralls inside your base to not attack anything at all, and then it’s not an issue.
Outside your base you’ll have to be more circumspect in placing your thralls. That being said, its not usually a problem for me externally since there’s usually more space.
The issue is more about placing thralls in a restrictive space (eg: inside a base rather than outside of it)

I do hope it is an outdated restriction indeed. It would be so nice to finally have interractive furniture in the game. I hope they will rework on the existing items to make our thralls interract with them (beds, chairs, cups, harps, saddles…).

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