Slaves are not placed nearby

When I play a single player game, slaves can be placed close to each other. And when I go to the general one, when I try to place one slave next to another, the message “This slave is too close to the other” appears.
Where can I adjust the distance so that slaves can be placed close to each other?

I believe you require a mod to change the place distance.

In official servers caps and distances exist for the normal flow and performance of the server. If however you wish to create a formation for battle, you can ask your follower to follow you, lead him to move to the specific point you wish and order stop following. Your follower will remain scouting in this place for as long as you are in render area. This way you can fix a formation for battle


If by “general one” you mean an official server, there is nothing you can do aside from tricking the game like @stelagel suggested. All admin commands require that you have admin privileges.

Here is a list of console commands available to you in Unreal Engine, assuming you do have admin privileges.

To adjust the distance of placing thralls, try:

SetServerSetting ThrallExclusionRadius 100.0

You can adjust the “100.0” to better fit your needs, but 100 allows you to place them pretty close.

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The question is this: we will put them there, but will they then, after the battle, return to their nearby places? Won’t they trample around?

I don’t know if I understand your question. I was not telling anyone to leave thralls scouting. When thralls are done scouting, they will always return to where you “placed” them. The command I listed allows you to “place” thralls to guard right next to each other, and when they are done scouting, that will be the place they return to. I hope that answers your question.

No, no, I’m not talking about scouting, I’m talking about guarding. I observed several times that if you place slaves on guard close to each other, then they will not be able to all return to the same places after the battle (purge)

The command I listed (set to 100) doesn’t allow you to place thralls on top of each other and they always return to where I have placed them. I suppose if you placed one and then moved him so he’s following you, this would free up the spot to place another in his guarding spot. In that case the original thrall would port back right next to his original spot, because his original spot is taken.

Thank you for the information.

If by “general one” you mean an official server

The server is private. A friend launched it on his computer and my friends and I play there. I’ll send him your recommendations.
I just assumed that somewhere there is a file responsible for the distance between slaves and it can be edited. But he must be found.

I use slaves to act out scenes. For example, by placing several soldiers in a tight line, I got the picture “The commander speaks to his subordinates.” It’s a pity that not all emotions that the player character can use are available to NPCs. For example, those that are given for a battle pass.

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