Placing followers, why wount you place next to your friend!

Hello Everyone,

Please make it so you can place a new follower closer to another follower. I know you can run them away and then do it that way but it is really annoying that you then have to wait for them to tp home to see if you placed them correct :cry:

It’s one of those small things that are really annoying and easy to fix :slight_smile:

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I guess all the thralls have horrible body odor because you have to place them like each one has the plague! Or you’re setting up a chess board. At least make the space a lot smaller between each pet, mount or thrall.

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This distance limit annoys me so bad… but it’s probably either some ‘prevent people from blocking stuff with thralls’ thing, or it could be ‘oh crap, the ai fails if they’re too close… lets just make them have to be placed further apart and hope nobody notices!’ … we noticed. lol

Though, with the limit on thrall numbers now, maybe it might be ok to revisit this?

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It might have been because of an old bug and then they forgot to change it again maybe. I don’t know tho, i can not think of any reason why this is so. Maybe @Hugo or @Ignasi knows why it is so?

This would be awesome if we could have a quick fix for this, so we can place followers closer together :slight_smile:

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