Thrall and pet placement is seriously messed up

The thrall placement needs to go back to what it was. You can no longer place a horse next to another horse (the distance requirements are waaaay too far and can’t put them in stables or a few in a fenced off small pasture). It now also takes in account the thrall that is following you while you are trying to move another thrall/pet which causes you to have to run in circles ahead of your following thrall/pet to keep distance. It tells you “too close to another thrall” through both scenarios.

Also, the range of where you can move a thrall from it’s original position got nerfed. The distance is very small and annoying.


Not a solution, but a workaround: Place your horse, then mount it and move it away. Place your next horse, and repeat the process until your stables are full. This may get you in trouble with the whole “too many thralls/pets in one place” rule, but keep it reasonable and you should be fine.


I am assuming you are dismissing so they will go back to their previous position? Funny thing I new it could be done and never tried. Will have to tell my wife so she can stack her stable. Thanks.

The only thing that changed was the distance you could move a thrall, which is easily overcome with patience. If you want your pets/thralls to congregate in a small area, you have to place, follow, move a distance, unfollow, then place another. Again, patience is the key. There was never a time you could just “place a horse next to another”.


From what I’ve heard/experienced thrall stacking is bannable on official severs. Do it at your own risk

Cough cough what isn’t bannable…

I think that one to three horses in a stable should be fine. 10-15 could raise some eyebrows :stuck_out_tongue:

The challenge I’ve been facing is ‘Must be placed on a walkable surface’.
The place is fine - Straight up on some bare foundations, and no red X’s but it takes 5 or 6 trys with different angles to get it to actually place.

I ended up giving up on aesthetic placement in favour of just getting them placed, so they stop following me and/or have somewhere to return to when I get them to ‘unfollow’.
That being said, it’s been a lot better this week, and only really been on hills where I’ve had that issue.

Do you speak about single player?
Do you play in a private server?
Do you use mods?
These above are the only reasons that this complaint has position.
Before the update some admins could tweak a bit further the settings, now they can’t, at least not all of them there are always people that will find the way, it’s their profession to do so!
A normal player could place thralls close in the vanilla game ONLY in single player or co op.
In vanilla private servers and officials the distance limit exists from forever (at least for me, I didn’t play online from May 18, I went online about in September 18).
So, what’s your case exile?

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Isn’t that only when you create a thralls/pets walls?

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