Thrall Pot/ Do They still feed your Thralls and Pets

When I look in The Thrall Pot or Pet basin. You dont see your Thrall Pictures or pets That the Pots Feed. Are they Nerfed or dont feed your Thralls and Pets anymore

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They are broken at last check installed gruel in a pot close to thralls kited a crocodile they were damaged didn’t eat a single portion of gruel finally healing on their own. If you have a purge coming better stack foods manually
@donnyboy101 were playing on official pve-c Siptah. It is broken on our private server also
One would this to be at the top of the list for repair


yea definitely a priority!! especially on a pvp server and Im logged out , My thralls are defenseless if they raid my base. I also had Ton of food in my pet basin on 1942 PVE-C server and log in they are all dead

Thrall pots have been broken for months (6+?), but like everything else combat-related in the game funcom doesn’t care because they are raking in money from a huge playerbase that doesn’t even engage in combat.

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They are broken on ps4 pve-c official Siptah server we are awaiting a purge coming up filled up with gruel a couple hours later They are empty again so if purge timer hits their is no way to get everyone with food. @Community give us some help or information when this will be fixed no one has mentioned it is intended. This is serious issue don’t care about cosmetics we need to protect our thralls and pets :heart:

Both feed stations have been borked one way or another since they dropped.


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