Thrall pot/feed box

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Shivering Isles

Bug Description:

thrall pots not showing thralls or animals

Bug Reproduction:

just placed thrall pot and feeding thing for animals it doesn’t show thralls or animals


You might want to check out your settings have not run into that on our server but seems like we’re your problem is placed several around are base pre update working fine will check out tomorrow. @khia

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Greetings Exile,

Do you have any images/videos that illustrate this issue that can send us? This will make it easier for us to understand what is going on :smile:

Thanks in advance.

I can verify Siptah pve-c playstation thralls and pets don’t show up in feeders have not used in some time. Official 8090. Will attach photos

No visible way bring a option to see them @Sarealac

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Probably helps if I post a picture of how it used to look.

Whenever you interacted with the pot / feedbox an additional panel opened on the right showing every thrall / animal in range of it that could be served by said pot like so:


Thanks We have pots on either end of base would be nice to know the coverage. Most likely a purge tonight going to set down more. Thanks again @Xevyr

This is broken in single player as well, so not just a server thing.


Thanks for the info.

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Hello everyone!

Thank you for all the information, I already passed it along to our team and they will investigate it as soon as possible :smile:


@Sarealac not sure the thrall pots are working at all. I was walking by the thrall pot had extra gruel give it to a thrall standing near he ate some and showed up on his bar. Made me curious so I put a even 100 gruel in pot . Thrall below pot unprotected kited a crocodile to him he lost about a third of health didn’t use any gruel from the pot six foundations from him healthed up on his own after awhile. Glad we decided to pass om last nites purge. @Xevyr @Megaton238 .

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@khia I am thinking pots are useless now . @Community any suggestions

Dang but why though :pensive:

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Had not used them in ages was putting them in due to a purge coming. Try my experiment and see what happens extra proof can’t hurt.

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my thrall pots dont even show names or nothing anymore

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Well we are getting a update right now. Going try finding out what it is

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Not completely useless. Early in the game, it’s a way to extend the decay time of food before you’re able to make fridges.


Agreed but they are not working now tried on our private server today along with official server no one showed up in pot they didn’t heal up from food like they used to @Megaton238

I’ve seen the same issue you have. On the other hand, I was watching a stream a while back where their thrall pot was feeding their thralls from across the map, literally (desert base, they were out on the far eastern part of the jungle). So something definitely wonky going on.