Thrall Skins on Isle of Siptah

I’ve been playing on Siptah quite a while now.

And i always loved the fact that the Worker Thralls u can get from the t4 Surge got some kind of special Skins like the Aesir Fraction.

But since a few weeks every Aesir i summon has either the default look or some kind of wierd looking clipping mix with Aesir Armor and default worker look.
I’ve noticed that the other Surges still got a “special” look on atleast some Thralls. (Armorer Smelter and Blacksmiths always look the same, besides some helmets they wear)

This is happening in Singleplayer and Official Servers.

I just wanna ask here if this is an intended change or some kind of bug and since iam not able to find some posts about this topic in the forums or in the patchnotes if iam the only one with this problem.

I hope my point is understandable i normally dont write in english.


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This one has noticed a similar situation.
Sometimes the crafter thralls come in with unique looks. Other times, not so much.
Similar story when this one uses admin panel to spawn them.

If this one had to guess, this one would say when the Siptah surge crafters are spawned the random parts that can be a part of their outfit include their cultural garb but are not guaranteed.


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