T4 Thralls Look Like Bums

As stated T4 master craft thralls look like bums. Can’t tell the difference between tier1-4. They all wear rags and potato sacks.

I feel like tier4 should have decent looking gear on considering they’re a master of their craft and probably wealthy and well paid because of it.

Allow us to put these very nice new crafting themed gears like the blacksmith clothes that were added onto our tier4 thralls or PLEASE for the love of Derketo make them spawn in dressed well!

No I don’t want to put blacksmith illusions on a fighter and stand him near a blacksmith. I want the blacksmiths to look like blacksmiths. Doesn’t that make sense? Can you not just apply the blacksmith gears to the tier4 blacksmith thralls as well as the others and end this lol.


It’s years now we ask to be able to dress in particular uniforms our crafters. Or let them totally naked, why not :rofl:. But i agree.
Once the Master crafters were taller like small giants and you could understand that they were different. Now they all look alike. So if your request was considered i would be happy. I like your idea, i support it :metal:.


The pirates on Siptah have all named NPCs larger than the rest, and easily recognizable from afar.


Interestingly, it still works that named thralls are larger in purges. I can usually spot them coming and prepare. Not so in regular camps though.


You would be surprised to listen that when i was doing the challenge 3 weeks ago

i almost killed a named one because not only she wasn’t different but even her hp bar wasn’t different color, simple red like a regular npc. My method was me killing in front and Frillen from behind knocking down the named. I let her with really low hp but hopefully Frillen took her down with just 2 hits. 80% of the named ones was normal sized.

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I’m sorry, I didn’t mean artisans, but only fighters. Of the artisans, if I’m not mistaken, only Razor Gord is of great stature for pirates


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