Thralls with actual armor on them/costumes

If Conan Exiles, which heavily relies on thralls as a game, would create crafter thralls to have some of the armors that exist in the game or new armor (who cares, really) equipped and on display when used on the crafting benches, it would make hunting for thralls more motivating.

There are players, and I was one of them somewhere in the past that collected almost all the unique named thralls.

However, the unique name that thralls have is not enough, and for a period of time I started collecting the surge thralls on Siptah that had the old medium cimmerian outfit (they were very nice looking) until they got refitted with the coarse outfit (I’m talking about the nordheimer surge that had crafters with complete outfit).

Can we have crafting thralls with actual armor on them, to boost our motivation to capture/collect them?
Funcom can refit crafting thralls with even dlc armor on them. It would be such an improvement, really.

It would be nice to see NPCs with DLC armor in general no matter what type of thrall. It would work out in Funcom’s favour too because players would see the armors in game all the time, like a showcase enticing players to get those armors/DLC.

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Would be very nice. Maybe the system underpinning the new illusion system can be used to make it customizable, somehow.

Yeah, back in the day I was hoping that customizing the armor of crafter thralls could be one of the cool features of 3.0. Now I don’t think it will ever happen.

One thing at a time. Adding an illusion to affect a crafting station is different from wearable objects. Hopefully they can add this in a future update.

Until they do, I’ll keep singing praises to the Fashionist mod.

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