Crafting thralls!

When will we get an uppdate on the working thralls? We have alot of good work on the combat thralls but the crafters need some love to!


Both cosmetic so you can make them lock good and change name.
And give them more spec skills
and a level system.
and so on.
maybe be able to plase them on other types on plases to give the base more lively.

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What would you like to be added?

For me would be wonderful to have better item organization and the ability to craft high level items with lower level designs.


Thralls that are more spec on making stuff, now when you have a list on 200 wepon+ / smith is mutch.

While I would like to be able reequip the worker thralls, I can’t get interested in leveling them. Managing my own feat points was enough for me.


Cosmetics - Slaves of different religions have different outfits, find the one you like best.
Skills - You have the purge ones, their abilities allow them to do amazing things (The purge carpenter makes branches, OMG)
Level system - You already have them, Tier 1,2,3 and 4


We had more cosmetic varations b4 but now they just have the same uniform more or less. so yes we need a way to modyfy them or/and they ad more diferent style agan.

As soloplayer is quite / almost imposeble to get a purge as the system is today and alot of the purges dont give thralls. but yes they are good but we need more.

Yes so dose the combat thralls and the added level system whit perks made it even more fun so good to have it to the crafters to.

Crafter just need some love in the game!

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Would like to be able to put outfits on crafters


Atleast the rest off the crafters need to be as the armor smith that have spec armor they do good, and the preasts needs some use to. Preasts are 100 cosmetic to day.

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Los buenos esclavos son los que tienen nombre .

You do know there is a search function built in.

When i build armor or weapons i dont scroll , i put in the first 3 or 4 letters into the search field and that narrows it down to exactly what i need.

Outfits can be done through a mod. Mods are tricky though especially around patch time.

Finally ,as far as officials go, there is system resources of the servers to consider.

Yes if you know the name on it you can, but still bad whit the wall off stuff to Craft on every thralls.

You know mods only works on some servers and what mord thats work is limit to what admin say ok to?

Yes it do work in its limit ways but it still needs to be uppdated!

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Changing the clothes/hairstyles of the crafting thralls would be kind of neat.

Awhile back, Funcom implemented the Thrall Mohawk Patch. All the crafting thralls now dress in aprons and/or mitts. Many of the thralls had their hairstyles changed to mohawks.

People who still have thralls from before the Thrall Mohawk Patch now have the most rare thralls in the game. Doesn’t seem fair that you can’t get them like that anymore.

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