Thrall-Sytem totally corrupted - Recover of player-character ----- PC-Singleplayer

I am playing this game since 8 days. I was very overwhelming about the good and fantastic work of funcom and I thougt, they learned from the mistakes of age of conan. But then …

At level 20 I tried to start “catching slaves”. (south area)

Now, after two intense days I can say it was impossible for me. Then I decided to visit this forum and I can note, all issues which are described here in so many posts are true: NPCs are stucking in the ground, hanging in the air, lost control during transport entering the geometry and more. I have experienced all. The geometry-issue can result into a game-crash which happens to me. Almost always the NPCs fall down and stand up immediately, the process is interrupted and it is most impossible to interact (E).

We all know how central this thrall-system in conan exiles for a good gaming-experience and building strategy is.

Next point: very often my player-charcter is imposible to recover/regain because it stucks in the ground-geometry without the possibility to interact (E) . After restarting the body/object is gone and lost forever. - Me seems it is a similar geometry-case.

After all I remembered the days at age of conan (5 years for me) and all the problems and known issues like that and never complete or total fixed. Bad memories and I dont want this back !

So I can only urgently appeal to funcom-development to find a solution for this important case until official release. - It seems to me that it needs more than a quick bugfix, it needs a complete revision to optimize that.

Thank you for your attention ! - Lets have fun and success !

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