Thrall Training and disappearing gear

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Germany

befor the patch i caught the legendary armourer thrall. In the wheel of pain he was starting the training progress over and over again. So i caught a new one and tried again. still he was progressing for days and his progress bar jumped back from half to a quarter on time. Now after the patch he was back at zero. When i got back online after the patch a was overweighted like hell so i put of my stuff and indeed just one second it all disappeared! The whole sack really disappeared right after i was done putting the stuff off my inventory. people, i really was Not judging so far since i understand that programming is complex but i am really starting to get pissed. the game only absorbs time with stealing your progress over and over again. this seems not to make sense anymore…

Steps on how to reproduce issue: