Thralls and Golems won't follow at certain points

Playing Exiles with a friend on a private server. There are what I would call two plateaus above Stargazer to farm black ice. I took thralls up there all the time. That activity slowed down and recently I was working with Golems right around AW Chapter 2 release.

When going from the “lower plateau” to the upper, the Golems stopped and would not go any farther. I think it shows the “Location not available” message. I didn’t think much about it except I have seen videos of Golems up near the Ice Palace. Yesterday, tried taking two regular thralls up that way and they stopped at the same place. Just FYI the “upper plateau” continues on up to the volcano and Ice Palace area is just below.

I noticed similar behavior around the base of Pilgrim’s Path, but hadn’t been there before to know if it should have worked. The only way to move is up the path.

I have not tried to take anyone, Thrall or Golem, to those locations via Map Room obelisk since the update.


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There’s a known bug that causes that behavior when you get above a certain height. No word on a fix that I’ve heard.

Thank you. Now wondering if going DOWN from Pilgrim’s is the same issue in reverse, and how close that location and the mountain path are in altitude proximity. :thinking:

It’s a new bug.

I changed engagement to guard-me. I had to kill all npcs in the area, too. She moved after that.

Were your thralls on attack-any engagement?

Guard Me. Only mountain-goats in the area. :slight_smile: And yes, we killed them.

Take the inventory, then rescue.

My thralls are good till I go up the mountain to get black ice just past the Exiled frost giant my thrall just stops moving. I found just using the Transportory stone to get back to my base fixes and teleports my thrall to me as long as they are following me.

Works with admin commands as well. Should also work with map rooms and obelisks.

And in theory they should teleport to the last place they were told to stand guard if you get them to stop following you. Like say ordering another thrall or horse to follow you, which will cause the last one to stop following.

Of course doing that means leaving them up there scouting for a short time until they decide to return home. But it might be worth a shot if you can’t teleport for whatever reason.