Thralls and unfinished mesh builds

Game mode: Multiplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: US

Two things. I saw a thread for this already, but I’m posting it again to show there is still an issue. Thralls fall through buildings. I’ve had several thralls while on follow fuse through foundations, that were on the ground, not stacked, and once they fall through they die. It’d be nice to have this fixed so I’m not afraid of moving my thralls or having them follow me.

Another problem, not as large, is that in the Volcano, there are some mesh buildings that you can walk right through, they have no wall. Entertaining to hide from people, but can be used as an exploit for PvP.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Walking around with thralls on any player made build.

2.Buildings that are not finished are within the portal that is in the Well of Skelos. Anywhere you find a mass of lizardman, there are two stand alone rocks/builds inside the middle that you can fuse through.