Thralls Changing Quality and Name while in thrall wheel?

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I made new steel truncheons with blunt attach. Left Hab. Knockout Named Taskmaster Thrall outside supermeru south of southlake, outside the walls. Usually a taskmaster and 2 fighters together in circle. Took him back to Hab and put in single thrall wheel. I left thrall wheel to make more gruel. Came back and the character thrall is now a Hyborian Fighter 2. Thats not Right!!!

Server # 1800
Date 1-2-22 time between 12:43:42 PM to 12:54:55 PM

Time above was about the time I knocked out the named taskmaster. But in the log there are no events of me taking out a treasure hunter from the same wheel and putting in the new taskmaster thrall at slightly later time.

Can I PLEASE get my Named Taskmaster back?

Things removed from benches are recorded but not the thralls from thrall wheels or pens?

Can The Devs PLEASE fix the LAAAGGG in the servers?? I have played in several servers! Monsters bouncing all over the place and thralls not listening to commands to move or attack. Just stand there! I have to aggro half the time myself to get the thrall to defend or attack for me. I/we have played in servers which ONLY have my brother and I and it seems to work well. But play in a server that is busy with other players seems VERY laggy and slow! PLEASE FIX!

Again, can I please have my named thrall that i have clearly earned to have in the game? Thanks

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