Breaking thralls

Game mode: [Online | Official server]
Problem: [| Bug ]
Region: [EU]

[Last night my named thrall was almost finished breaking, today it has been reset to around 30%
I changed from taskmaster 2 to taskmaster 3 around 50% yesterday, don’t know if this caused it.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. wheel of pain
  2. Fia, armorer
  3. taskmaster 3

This should increase the progress, not decrease it.

In fact, adding taskmasters is retroactive (which makes absolutely no sense), so if a thrall is 50% complete and you place a T3/T4 taskmaster in the slot, it’ll complete the thrall instantly since those decrease the time it takes by 50%.

So it was probably a bug. I’ve seen it before myself.

Happened also to me in the past weeks.

Not sure what is causing that, never realy investigate it further, maybe a server restart ?
I’ll try observe it the next day a bit closer.

I believe mine reset because the wheel was paused when I switched out Taskmaster thralls.
That’s the one and only time I ever saw the progress reset.

Server restarts and switching out taskmasters while the wheel was active never caused a reset in progress, though a server restart is what caused the wheel to pause in the first place.

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