My Thralls Breaking Progess Restarted

I logged out last night with 2 named thralls almost ready to break, only to log in this morning and find them both at half…

Is this working as intended?

I noticed on my solo server that restarting clears all progress on thrall training.

I’d like to know if this is what was intended that way I know to just keep the game running while I sleep until it auto kicks me…

They were literally at like 95% when I logged off, then around the 45% mark when I got back on in the morning.

They had plenty of gruel (all of the same type) and the wheel was running when I went to access it…

just gone to check mine WICH was nearly done they are now all back at beginning this games a piece of crap

Yeah, Its a good game but defiantly needs some more work…

I had 4 Tier III Archers that I started at the same time, and they all finished after I had logged and turned the game off… yet my named thralls were all reset to that 45% mark, very irritating for sure.

I have a named Taskmaster in my wheel as well, I’m not sure whats going on but I really wish they would make an overhaul of the Thralls…

If they are such a big part of the game (Defending your base for instance) you’d think they would make sure they polished that aspect.

I have had this happen as well. I think it is due to a lack of gruel in the wheel and so it regresses in progress. However, i do not truly know.

Same problem here!

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My wheel was literally FULL of gruel. So It cant be that

I have the same problem too, but it’s not only that, fish trap, Wells and behives doesn’t fill more.

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My bee hives only seem to refill after I’ve logged off…

My water wells fill like normal and so do my fish traps…

Not sure what could be causing this problem, unless it has something to do with either some inactive or PvE timer… I honestly have no Idea, I’m done breaking thralls for now anyway (unless I can finally get my hands on a Name Carpenter, which is always eluding me…)

There are a lot of posts about similar issues on the PC and PS4 bug forums. When a server resets all crafting in progress seems to go to zero. In single player the reset happens whenever you exit the game or to main menu (which is what I’ve seen on PC) On both official and private servers, it happens when the whole server resets, from what I’ve read. This thread on Xbox is the only place I’ve seen something about it regressing to 45% (mine goes to 0%). I’ve seen no dev response on any thread.

I found out it didn’t “reset” to 45%

When the Servers go down every night for a restart so does all thralls… its just the progress was at 45% when I logged back in.

I’m still trying to get my first named thrall lol anyway around this? I’ve had one breaking for 4 full days now.

That also happens on PS4, it seems when people log off, the breaking process stops and upon login they process starts from zero. It happened to me too, online and also offline, single player. My workaround was to really speed up breaking process in single player, or have the game run in background while it completed.

This is also happening to me 3 days now I’ve been trying to break my
Lvl 4 armorer

This is really annoying. I wait 3 days to finish my thralls. Please FunCom fix this :stuck_out_tongue:

It all has to do with the server. When it goes down everything stops.

Your fluid press, your wheels of pain, anything you had Qued up in crafting stations all stop.

The kicker is when you’re the last person to log off of a server the entire server will shutdown until someone Q’s it up and requests a ping.

This is definitely an issue that needs fixed and could be fixed server side by keeping the servers running while everyone is offline.

Logged out last night with 2 named at 95% thinking enough people would be on long enough to finish them… Nope logged in this morning to find them both restarted…

How be keeping the server on singleplayer. I have no idea.

Today’s Console Patches are fixing the recipe reset issue.
The Beehive and Fishtraps bug is a different problem. We are also looking into that.

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Awesome! Thanks @Tascha