Wheels of Pain Stopping for Unknown Reasons

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [US]

On Server 2504, for about two days now, I have logged on to see that 2 of my wheels of pain seem to be stopping or ever reverting to a previous state.

I loaded two tier 2 wheel with 4 Thralls, start the process, I log on to see one wheel is paused with all my gruel inside. The other paused with 2mins of roasted haunch and all my gruel waiting.

For the past two days I have did the same thing, wait for the other fuel to burn and restart the wheel. Leave and the next day the wheel stopped and nothing changes in the wheel.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Server 2504
  2. Fill 2 wheels of pain
  3. Gruel up the wheels
  4. Logout after play session
  5. X time later, log back in to see if the Thralls are ready

Hey @UznikSvobody

Has the server restarted due to daily maintenance between your gaming sessions?

darn sure every official server restarts daily, ours does.
I wake up 20 minutes before ours, so everyday, everything gets restarted.

I feel like I am in Groundhogs Day.

One of my wheels completed but still has 2mins of haunch in it even though the Thralls broke with gruel.

The other wheel in Lemurian area has the same amount of gruel I put in it, the Thralls are progressing. But the wheel is stopped.

The only thing I can guess is something is causing the server to go online throughout the day and when the server resets the wheels state refreshes.

For the past 3 days I only play for about an hour in the morning (9am-10am). I just want the time loop to end.

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Seems that my Groundhogs Day is over, this morning I arrived to my Lemurian wheel of pain to find that they are ready.

My Thralls are no longer stuck in a Time Warp. However this issue as far as I see is inconclusive.

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