Thralls clipping to death / Invulnerable Enemies / Gear clipping

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug / Misc]
Region: [EU / PvE Server 1046]

[Upon building some bases I have noticed a bug on my thralls that happened multiple times. When stacking platforms, thralls can warp to your spot and appear halfway through the floor. Sometimes they end up dead, lying on the ground near the platform.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Have a Thrall following you
  2. Build a 3+ high stacked platform base, about 10 by 10, with few platforms missing as if a half way complete construction
  3. Continue building the platform manually and the thrall will appear to your location, half way through the already placed platforms or dead on the ground.
  4. Sigh

[P.S. There are few other bugs that I found. Few enemies (human mobs to be exact) around the Black Galleon are invulnerable to any attacks until they make more than a couple steps away from their location. Upon agro on the player, some will stand on their spot (in this invulnerable state) until the player approaches closer for them to swing the melee weapon. Still, they will be in their invulnerable state, until you move them further from their spot.]

[P.P.S. Vanir Heavy Tasset (heavy leg armor) texture goes berserk and clips through the player model when running, while other similar leg armors (Vanir Fur Tasset for example) work fine.]