Some thralls are unhittable

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: All

While fighting around the black galleon, some of the thralls there were just plain unhittable. You could swing all day long and not hit them. You could run around to try and get them to be hittable but that didn’t always work. Oh and all the while they are beating the crap out of you.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Fight at the Black Galleon
  2. Use both target and non target attacks
  3. Intermittently the mobs will be unable to take damage

Are you experiencing this when the enemy mobs are under a tent, or pavilion? There is a known issue where mobs lose their ability to be damaged while they are under tents.

Workaround: Damage and destroy the tent, or lure them out from under the tent. Or, attack them with arrows.

There different black-hand camps showing similar problem with the tents. Same tents you can craft self and goes ghosted.

So yes, arrows, or make them follow you a bit. Hope this tent issue will be fixed soon.

There’s a blacksmith in the single camp over the stone bridge, The Sandpit I think its called. He will often remain at the blacksmith station whilst you’re stood next to him which makes him impossible to knock out or kill. Like others have said, destroy the tent should work or wait until he is “ready” to attack you.

Ah good to know. Still would be best if the issue was fixed.

The same thing is easily repeatable by dragging a thrall over the Dreg entrance to kill them.