Cant damage Blacksmith Trall

Game mode: Online | two different Private Servers
Problem Bug
Region: NA

There is a Blacksmith Thrall that I have been unable to damage at times. Sometimes I can but sometimes I can’t. This has happened to me on two different servers, so It must have to do with his spawn location and / or path. It is the Thrall camp farthest East from the Black galleon and is the same camp that has a taskmaster. After killing all the other NPCs I go to the blacksmith and cant damage him at all. He just stands next to his forge and doesnt attack. It’s as if he was a placeable that cant be damaged. But then when I went there with a buddy he could not damage the thrall but I could.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I have this bug in my single player game as well. Before the last patch, I could target the bench he was attached to and destroy it. This freed him up and he would chase you out of the tent. Now, I cannot target the bench.

I read elsewhere of somebody on XBox having the same bug who could no longer target the bench as well.

I know the spot…this seems to happen to thralls that are under tents…I usually pull them out from under to damage them but that thrall doesn’t move.

The workaround I found was to destroy the tent with a steel pick. it’s the most accurate tool for actually hitting the tent pole. When the tent flies away I can then kill or subdue the thrall under it

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